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Town of Stafford Paying for Building & Mechanical Permits

                          PAYING FOR BUILDING PERMITS


Town of Stafford Building permit fees are calculated at: $14 per $1,000 of the cost of the project


State of Connecticut Education Surcharge. an additional .26 per $1000 (calculated by $1000 only, please round up)for the CT State Education Surcharge.



Calculation for permit fees follows the cost factor schedule (see Table 1) and established building permit fees.Checks, cash and money orders are accepted for payment. The minimum fee will be applied to mechanical permits with an associated Building Permit, as long as the value of that work is included in the total construction value.  

Effective September 8, 2015, the fee structure for demolition and building permits was modified as follows:

    1. The minimum permit fee will be $50.00

    2. The Town of Stafford Building Office has developed a list of    "Estimated Unit Costs" for various standard improvements based on creating or expanding usable livable square footage. The main permit cost will cover all of the skilled trade work in the base amount. Plumbing, Heating, Sprinklers and Electrical will each apply for their individual mechanical permits after the main permit is issued, but will only be charged the minimum permit fee.

  3. Permits will still be required for individual renovations or repairs such as electrical upgrades, boiler and roof replacement.

Table 1


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Cost Factors for Stafford Residential Building Permits:
Construction Type: Description: Cost Per Square Foot:
New Construction                    Conditioned/Heated Living Space                                $100.00
Attached garages – one story                                     $65.00
Attached Garage Living Space above                           $40.00
Residential Renovations          Per Room, i.e. new walls, floors, etc. $35.00
Finished Basements & Bonus Rooms $20.00
Sun Room & Enclosed Porches $40.00
Private Swimming Pools In-Ground $30.00
Above Ground Minumum Posted Fee
Enclosures and Fences under 6-feet Minumum Posted Fee
Decks - Attached or at Above Ground Pools $25.00
Detached Accessories Garages & Barns $55.00
Storage Sheds (over 200 sq. ft.), Gazebos $35.00
Demolition Residences, Barns and In-Ground Pools $10.00
Solar/Photovoltaic Installations Contractors Total Cost agreement with Homeowner Fee per thousand
Cost Factors for Stafford Commercial Building Permits:
Construction Type: Description: Cost Per Square Foot:
Assembly Theaters - A1 $85.00
Night Clubs - A2 $95.00
Restaurants - A3 $95.00
Churches -A4 $85.00
Business Business - B $80.00
Tenant/lease agreement $30.00
Education Education - E $165.00
Factory Moderate Hazard - F1 $95.00
Low Hazard - F2 $85.00
High Hazard - H1 $250.00
Institutional Institutional - I.1 $275.00
Mercantile Mercantile - M $95.00
Residential Hotels - R1 $105.00
Multi-family - R2 $110.00
Townhouses - R3 (See Residential Cost Factors)
Single Family - R4 (see Residential Cost Factors)
Storage Moderate Hazard  - S1 $65.00
Low Hazard - S2 $65.00
Utility See Residential - U (See Residential Cost Factors)
Demolition Commercial structures $18.00
Office Manager
The above Fee Schedule is to assist the Office Manager for stated cost accuracy when presented a building permit application including the proposed estimated cost of construction.  As outlined in the State Building Code for commercial (108.3) and residential construction Section R108.3 ‘the applicant for a permit shall provide an estimated permit value at the time of application.  Permit valuations shall include total value of work, including materials and labor; …such as electrical, gas mechanical, plumbing equipment and permanent systems.  Final building permit valuation shall be set by the building official.’

The Town of Stafford has a refund policy for all types of building permits.  With receipt of an application for a building permit and a valid fee paid; construction documents reviewed and approved and a permit issued the applicant may choose to cancel the proposal and will have a seventy-two (72) hours or three business days following a verbal/written request (refund) for a full refund; after a two-week period has elapsed one-half of fee paid is refunded.  Full text of the refund policy is available on our webpage.

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