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Town of Stafford Permit Process

The Permit Process:

1.      Submit completed building/zoning application with supporting documentation

2.      Get permit approvals

3.      Pay for permits

4.      Begin the proposed work

5.      Schedule inspections

6.      Apply for Certificate of Occupancy and/or Certificate of Use


The Town of Stafford's refund policy as authorized by the State Building Code, Section R108 (residential code) and section 108 of the International Building code (commercial) states:

Upon receipt of an application for a building permit, an accompanying valid fee paid by law(i.e. structural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical) which has been reviewed, approved and following a cancellation of the applicant's proposal has seventy-two (72) hours (three business days) following a verbal/written request(refund) for a full (less the state education fee) refund.

After a two-week period has elapsed from the dated approval of the building permit one-half is refunded(minus the State Education Fee).

At or beyond the 30-day dated approval no amount paid for a building permit is refunded.


Applications may be picked up in the Building/Zoning office or downloaded from the Town's website.  You may drop them off in person or mail them.  Two sets of plans must be provided with building permits.


Permits will not be considered complete, and will not be processed until all paperwork is submitted.  The permit review process may take up to four weeks. Please keep in mind that the Connecticut State building code requires that any building permit be acted on (approved or rejected) within 30 days of application. If a building permit is incomplete or does not have sufficient supporting documentation to allow review within 30 days of application, IT WILL BE DENIED. Proceeding with work prior to receipt of permit is a violation of the law.

Required documentation:

1.       Copy of current contractor's license, unless the work is to be conducted by the homeowner.

2.       Copy of current Certificate of Liability Insurance, which can be faxed by the insurance company to the Building/Zoning office fax:  860-684-1768 or emailed to:

3.       All supporting engineered plans and drawings, including material lists and site plans.

4.       Site plans for zoning consideration must indicate the location of the septic system, the well, any structures on the property and the distance to ALL property lines to the proposed structure.

5.       Construction documents for new construction also require proof of compliance with the Model Energy Code. This is most often provided by submission of a MEC or RES check form.

6.       Many zoning permits also require prior approval from NCDHD (North Central District Health Department) in the form of a B-100 approval. NCDHD forms are available in the Building/Zoning office and can also be found at


Warren Memorial Town Hall • 1 Main Street • Primary Department Hours: M-W: 8-4:30, Th: 8-6:30

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