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General     (750 events for whole calendar)
6 events for January 2017.
6 events for February 2017.
6 events for March 2017.
5 events for April 2017.
6 events for May 2017.
6 events for June 2017.
7 events for July 2017.
7 events for August 2017.
7 events for September 2017.
19 events for October 2017.
4 events for November 2017.
4 events for December 2017.
83events for year 2017.
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The Town of Stafford Community Events Calendar is an online calendar for civic events local to the Town of Stafford. Local civic and non-profit organizations are eligible to request online access for event posting. To request access a free Town of Stafford Business Portal Account is required. If you already have a business portal account, login and then click the 'calendar' link. New users can create a free business portal account here.

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