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Trout & Salmon Stamp

Trout & Salmon Stamp

The Trout & Salmon Stamp is in effect now and is REQUIRED for anyone (age 16 or older, including seniors age 65+) who would like to do one of the 2 following items:

1.  Keep any trout or salmon they caught anywhere in Connecticut ( except from places stocked by groups other than the State of Connecticut- such as a hunting or fishing club).

2.  Fish in any of these 4 places:

     a) Trout Management Areas

     b) Wild Trout Management Areas

     c) Trout Parks

     d) Broodstock Salmon Areas

If you have already purchased your license, you can pay the $5.00 fee, and have the   stamp added and then have the license reprinted.

Seniors DO need the $5.00 stamp if they meet the conditions listed above even if they get a free senior license.

100% of the money from this stamp is protected by law and goes to DEEP fish and wildlife.

Call the Town Clerk at 860-684-1765 if you have questions.

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