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Be it resolved by the Town of Stafford as follows:


1.            In any case in which the Board of Selectmen has appointed a member or alternate to a board, committee or commission in accordance with any of the ordinances of the Town of Stafford, and notwithstanding the fact that said member or alternate has been appointed for a term of years, the Board of Selectmen may remove said member or alternate for cause.


2.            Cause is defined as follows:


               a) The member or alternate is no longer eligible to serve on the board or commission to which he has been appointed;


               b) The member or alternate has been convicted of a felony;


               c) The member or alternate has engaged in any corrupt or fraudulent activity with respect to his conduct as a member or alternate of the board or commission (pending legal outcome).


               d) The member or alternate has not attended any meetings of the board or commission for a period of at least four consecutive meetings.


3.            Each incident will be on a case by case basis, in any case in which the Board of Selectmen intends to consider or act on the removal of a member or alternate, the member or alternate shall be given at least two weeks’ written notice of the time and place of the meeting at which said removal shall be discussed or acted on. The Board of Selectmen will also here input from other members of said board, committee or commission regarding the removal of a member or alternate. Said written notice shall state the cause for removal and the particular actions of the member or alternate which constitutes said cause.  At any Board of Selectmen meeting at which the removal of a member or alternate is to be discussed or acted upon, said member or alternate shall be permitted either personally, or by counsel, to address the Board of Selectmen as to why he should not be removed.


This ordinance shall be effective fifteen (15) days from publication


Dated this 5th day of February 2016



Approved at Town Meeting 1-28-2016                                                  


Published 2-5-2016                                                                                    


Effective 2-20-2016 


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