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1-6 Establish a Commission of the Arts

Section 1.    There is hereby established a Commission of the Arts for the Town of Stafford. The Commission shall consist of eleven (11) members who shall be appointed by the Board of Selectmen and serve without compensation. The term of office for each member shall be for three years or until their successors are duly appointed and qualified, except that the members of the commission first appointed shall be appointed, four for three years, four for two years, and three for one year. Their term of office shall commence March 1, 1971. Vacancies in the Arts Commission shall be filled by the Board of Selectmen for the unexpired term. A temporary Chairman shall be appointed by the Selectmen to serve for six months. At that time and annually thereafter, the members of the Arts Commission shall meet and elect one of their members Chairman and other officers they deem necessary.


Section 2.   Duties and Powers of Commission " Said Commission shall encourage, within the Town, participation of all age groups in the promotion, development, acceptance and appreciation of, artistic and cultural activities which shall include, but are not limited to music, theater, dance, painting, sculpture, architecture, literature, films and allied arts and crafts and to this end may join with private patrons, individual artists and ensembles and with institutions, local sponsoring organizations and professional organizations.


Section 3.   Said Commission shall maintain a survey of public and private facilities engaged within the Town in artistic and cultural activities and determine the needs of the citizens of this Town and the method by which existing resources may be utilized, or new resources developed, to fulfill these needs.


Section 4.   The Arts Commission may advertise, prepare, print and distribute such materials as a calendar of events which will further its ends and purpose.


Section 5.   Said Arts Commission shall submit a recommended budget each year to the Board of Selectmen and said Board of Selectmen shall incorporate it into the annual budget as modified by said Board of Selectmen for which purposes the Town of Stafford is hereby authorized to make appropriations.


Section 6.   The Arts Commission with the consent of the Board of Selectmen shall have the authority to appoint or designate one individual to act as Director of Arts, without salary, who shall be properly trained and qualified in accordance with such standards as the Arts Commission shall establish, and may engage such other personnel as it deems necessary and proper for the carrying out of its function.


Section 7.   The acquisition or leasing of such facilities, their maintenance, policing and safety and the hiring of necessary personnel and purchasing of equipment to carry out this purpose shall be under the jurisdiction of the Board of Selectmen. The Board

of Selectmen shall submit a budget to the Board of Finance each year for this purpose to be incorporated in the annual budget for which purpose the Town of Stafford is hereby authorized to make appropriations.


Section 8.   The Arts Commission shall make such reports to the Board of Selectmen as such Board shall request from time to time.


Date Adopted: February 3, 1971 

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