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1-11 Amendment to Recreation Commission Ordinance

1.      Section 1 of the ordinance creating the Stafford Recreation Commission is hereby amended to read as follows:


Section 1:   There is hereby established a Town Recreation Commission for the Town of Stafford as provided in Chapter 98, Section 7-148 of the General Statutes, Revision of 1958, as amended. The Commission shall consist of twelve members who shall be appointed by the Board of Selectmen and serve without compensation. The term of office for each member shall be for five years or until their successors are duly appointed and qualified, except that the members of the Commission first appointed shall be appointed, two for five years; two for four years; two for three years; two for two years; and one for one year term. Their term of office shall commence October 15, 1963. Vacancies in the Recreation Commission shall be filled by the Board of Selectmen for the unexpired term.


Immediately after their appointment, the members of the Recreation Commission shall meet and elect one of their members chairman and any other officers they deem necessary. The member from the Board of Selectmen with membership on the Commission shall forfeit such membership upon the termination of his office on the Board of Selectmen.


2.      Of the additional three members created by this amendment one shall be appointed to a term to expire October 14, 1969, and one to a term to expire October 14, 1970.


Date Adopted: December 13, 1967

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