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1-13 Expanding Town Conservation Commission

Be it ordained by legislative meeting of the Town of Stafford:


Section 1.  This ordinance modifies and supersedes where applicable the Resolution creating a Town Conservation Commission, adopted January 27, 1969.


Section 2.   There shall be a Stafford Conservation Commission consisting of 11 members and 3 alternates.


Section 3.   The terms of office of each member shall be for a period of 3 years, except that the 4 newly created positions and the three alternates shall serve concurrent terms with the remainder of  the existing commission’s unexpired term. At the expiration of such term, the First Selectman, in accordance with C.G.S. 7-131a shall appoint the entire Commission consisting of 11 members and 3 alternates to successive 3 year terms.


Section 4.    The Conservation Commission shall have such powers and duties as shall be prescribed in the Connecticut General Statutes.


Date Recorded: May 29, 1985   

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