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1-20 Emergency Services Commission

An Emergency Services Commission shall be established consisting of seven members. The Stafford Fire Dept. No. 1, West Stafford Fire Dept. and the Stafford Ambulance Association. Shall each select one member and the Board of Selectmen shall select four members.


The Commission shall prepare and present a budget for the Town of Stafford Emergency Services Commission to the Board of Selectmen.


All funds allocated for Emergency Services shall be provided to the Emergency Services Commission for distribution to the various fire departments and ambulance association at the sole discretion of the aforesaid Commission. In addition to the budgetary function, the Emergency Services Commission shall have the authority to advise the Board of Selectmen on any and all topics or issues concerning the Fire Departments or Ambulance Service within the Town of Stafford.


The Emergency Services Commission shall also consist of alternates as follows: three alternate members appointed at large by the Board of Selectmen, and one alternate appointed from each of the fire departments and ambulance service. If a regular member from the Emergency Services Commission is absent from the meeting, the alternate from the same organization may serve in his place. If one public member is absent, the chairman may choose an alternate to serve in his place.


This ordinance shall be effective fifteen (15) days from publication.


Adopted at Town Meeting: February 6, 2001

Date Published: February 12, 2001

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