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1-21 Appointed Assessor Ordinance

Section I:            APPOINTED


Pursuant to Section 9-198 of the Connecticut General Statutes, as amended, the Board of Selectmen shall appoint an assessor to a two-year term of office. The initial term of office shall commence on July 1, 2003. All subsequent appointments shall be for two year terms commencing on July 1, 2005, and the terms of the assessors now in office or elected to such office shall terminate on June 30, 2003.


Section II:                 POWERS AND DUTIES


Such assessor shall have all the powers and duties imposed by the General Statutes on such office.


Section III:                 COMPENSATION


The salary or compensation of such assessor shall be fixed by the Board of Selectmen, subject to approval by the Board of Finance and Annual Town meeting or Budget Referendum.


Section IV:                QUALIFICATIONS


The assessor shall be chosen on the basis of his or her administrative ability, character, knowledge, education and shall have the designation of Certified Connecticut Municipal Assessor and shall not serve on any regular town board or commission or hold any other elective or appointed office within the town.


Section V:                VACANCY


The assessor so appointed by the Board of Selectmen may be removed by a majority vote therefore upon a finding of cause for such removal. Upon the removal or resignation of the assessor, the Board of Selectmen shall appoint another person to fill such vacancy and complete the remainder of the term of office left uncompleted by reason of such removal or resignation.


Adopted Town Meeting June 3, 2003

Published in Journal Inquirer June 9, 2003

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