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2-1a Amendment: Planning and Zoning Ordinance

1.  The language in Ordinance 2-1 shall be amended as follows:


RESOLVED: That he Town of Stafford accept and adopt the State Enabling Legislation, in accordance with Chapter 124 of the Connecticut General Statutes, revision of 1958, as amended, relating to zoning, planning and housing.


RESOLVED: There shall be a planning and zoning Commission which shall consist of five members, who shall be electors of the Town of Stafford, and who shall be elected as provided for by Connecticut General Statute, 8-4a, none of whom shall hold any salaried public office or position in the Town of Stafford. The First Selectman shall also be a member of said Commission without voting privileges.


The Commission shall elect a chairman and a secretary from it’s members.


In the event of a vacancy, the unexpired term of a member shall be filled by the Board of Selectmen for the remainder of the term of appointment.


2.      All other language shall be deleted.


Date: February 25, 1999

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