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Section 2-4 Withholding of a building permit for property on which property taxes or sewer fees are delinquent

Pursuant to CGS 7-148(2)(B), the Building Official shall, prior to approving an application for a building permit and issuing the permit, determine whether any overdue property taxes or sewer fees are owed on the property which is the subject of the application.  The Building Official shall not approve or issue such permit until and unless all outstanding property taxes and sewer fees are paid in full.  Exceptions may be granted by the Building Official, with the advice and consent of the First Selectman, if the Building Official determines that the work to be performed is necessary to protect the health and safety of the occupants or the public, or in cases of extreme hardship, as approved by the Board of Selectmen.


Adopted: 5-4-04

Published: 5-10-04

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