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5-3 Scenic Roads

The legislative body of the Town of Stafford shall be empowered to designate existing highways or portions of highways as Scenic Roads. No road, which has been so designated, shall be altered, widened, paved, straightened, or have stonewalls or mature trees removed from the right of way.


No road may be designated a scenic road unless:


A.     The owners of the majority of the lots having frontage on the road agree to such designation.

B.     A petition with such owner's names is submitted to the Board of Selectmen or letters from the owners of a majority of the lots having frontage are received.

C.     The road to be designated is free from intensive commercial development and intensive vehicular traffic.


All roads so designated must be either:


1.      Unpaved.

2.      Bordered by mature trees or stonewalls.

3.      The traveled portion no more than 20 feet wide.

4.      Offering scenic views.

5.      Blend naturally into surrounding terrain.

6.      Parallel or cross over brooks, streams, lakes or ponds.



Adopted 1-26-84

Amended 5-6-03

Published 5-9-03


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