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7-2 Public Drinking

No person shall consume or possess with the intent of consuming, or have in his possession a partially consumed container of an alcoholic beverage in any outside public place in the Town of Stafford.


Outside public places shall include, but not be limited to: Hyde Park, Kealy Field, Olympic Field, High School track, the Green in Hydeville, Staffordville beach, Dennis Pond, all school grounds, all roads and highways, and all other areas open to public use.


The Board of Selectmen may waive any and all of the above regulations upon application of any person or organization of the Town of Stafford.


Any person who violates any provision of this ordinance shall be fined $90.00.


Date Recorded: June 3, 1981

Date Published: June 4, 1981

Amended: July 16, 1999

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