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8-1 Regulations for Staffordville Lake



8-1    Regulations for Staffordville Lake  


General Rules:


a)      Remember, you are legally bound to know and observe the State and nautical “rules of the road”.

b)      Sailboats, canoes and rowboats have the right of way.

c)      When approaching another boat, keep to the right.

d)     All boats, except sailboats, must operate in a counter-clockwise direction on the lake, especially when towing a water skier.

e)      Boats on the lake shall be restricted to residents or property owners of the Town of Stafford, or their guests. For purposes of these regulations, tenants (renters) shall be considered residents of the Town of Stafford.

f)       Motorboats being used for water skiing shall not be operated closer than 100 feet from the high water mark and 300 feet from the public beach unless docking or dropping off a skier.

g)      All motorboats must be conscious of their wake while passing canoes, rowboats, or sailboats.

h)      No boat shall be operated without a proper muffler.

i)        Canoes and rowboats are required to stay within 100 feet of shore when water skiing is permitted, except when crossing the lake. This requirement only applies Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.


Hours and Speeds:


a)      After 7:30 P.M., except during July and August when it shall be 8:00 P.M., boating speeds will be maintained at the speed recognized as “trolling speed” (three to five miles per hour).

b)      No skiing or motor boating faster than the above (a) before 10 A.M. on Saturdays and holidays and before noon on Sundays.

c)      No boats shall be driven faster than 40 miles per hour.

d)     There shall be no racing between two or more boats.


Winter Hours:


During the winter period there shall be no use of the surface of the lake for any purpose from one half hour after sunset until one half hour before sunrise. Anyone who uses the lake during the prohibited times shall be doing so at their own risk.    




a)      All swimmers must stay within 50 feet of the waterline unless you are accompanied by a boat.


Other Regulations:


a)      No rafts or docks shall be installed or be extended more than 25 feet into the lake, measured from the water’s edge.

b)      No buoys or ropes are permitted to be installed in Staffordville Lake except at the Town of Stafford public beach.

c)      No boats shall be moored in Staffordville Lake unless attached to the owners or tenants properties.




In the event that any property owner who owns property which abuts the shore of the lake installs an aerator to protect their dock, they must adhere to the following guidelines:


a)      They must post a sign in front of their property indicating that there may be “Thin Ice or Open Water.”

b)      They must send written notice to abutting property owners of their intention to install and of the fact that they have installed an aerator.

c)      Any aerator must be installed in such a way and used in such a way so that it has no impact on any part of the lake or ice that does not abut the property of the property owner who has installed the aerator.  


Any person who violates any provision of this ordinance shall be fined $100.00 per day.


Date Recorded: February 24, 1982

Amended: July 16, 1999

Amended at Town Meeting May 13, 2010

Effective June 3, 2010







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