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8-2 Staffordville Beach

Section A.   No person shall kindle an open fire on the beach or on any adjacent land. There shall be no fires of any kind on the ice.


Section B.   No person shall possess a glass container on the beach.

 Section C.   No alcoholic beverages on Town property.

Section D.   No person shall cause excessive noise at the beach.


 Section E.   No person shall allow animals on the beach or in the water at any time.

Section F.   The beach and adjacent areas will only be open to the following people:

1.      Stafford residents and guests

2.      Temporary renters or tenants of Stafford properties and their guests.

Section G.   No person shall be allowed on Staffordville School grounds, parking lot, ball field, or beach after 9:00 P.M. except for the purpose of fishing.

 Any person found violating any   provisions of this ordinance shall be fined $90.00.

Date Recorded: June 4, 1982

Amended: July 16, 1999


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