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9-4 Stafford Sanitary Landfill



A.     Town shall mean the Town of Stafford, a municipal corporation located in Tolland County of the State of Connecticut.

B.     Sanitary Landfill Area shall mean any area of land owned, rented or leased by the town, now or in the future, which is specifically set aside for the disposal of refuse.

C.     Person shall mean any institution, public or private corporation, individual, partnership, or other entity.

D.     Refuse shall mean all solid wastes including garbage, ashes, rubbish, small dead animals, street cleanings, brush, grass clippings, trees, building materials, and solid market and industrial wastes.




The Selectmen shall establish rules and regulations for the maintenance of said Sanitary Landfill Area in an efficient, safe and sanitary manner. In addition, the following regulations shall apply:


1.      Admission by Permit Only. The Sanitary Landfill Area shall be used solely for the disposal of refuse from premises in the Town only. Admission shall be by Facilities Use Permit, issued by the Town.

2.      Hours of Operation. The Area shall be open only at certain hours on days of the week so designated by the Selectmen and notice thereof shall be posted.

3.      Prohibited Materials. No radioactive, explosive, poisonous, or similar hazardous materials, no body wastes such as that collected from septic tanks, and no tree trunks or stumps measuring eight inches or more in diameter at the largest end shall be deposited at the Sanitary Landfill Area.

4.      Refuse Collectors - License Required. Each person offering refuse removal as a service to others directly or indirectly desiring to use the landfill disposal area, shall obtain a permit, which permit shall be issued by the First Selectman or his delegate. The fee for said permit shall be established by the Board of Selectmen. The permit requirement shall not apply to the occupants of a dwelling who collect or haul only refuse which is incidental to the maintenance of said dwelling.

5.      Temporary Permit. Any person, resident or nonresident, who for hire engages in the process of demolition, construction or renovation in the Town and who hauls refuse resulting therefrom for disposal at the Sanitary Landfill Area, shall obtain a temporary permit, for each job, from the Town Building Office.

6.      Violations. Violations of any section of this ordinance by any person shall be

punishable by a fine of not more than $50.00 for each offense, and each day that the violation shall exist or continue shall be deemed a separate offense.           


In addition, the First Selectman or his designate shall have the power to suspend or revoke any permit issued under these regulations upon reasonable notice that the permittee has violated any of these regulations and/or written rules established by the Selectmen or their designate.


7.      Disposal Area. Any person disposing of refuse in the Sanitary Landfill Area shall dispose of   such refuse by dumping or otherwise, in specific locations as determined by, and under supervision of the Custodian of the Area.

8.      Scavenging Prohibited. Scavenging at the area without express written authorization by the First Selectman shall be prohibited.

9.      Trespassing. No person shall enter or be permitted within the Area except during the hours when the Area is open to the public and the Custodian is on duty.

10.  Covered Loads. Any vehicles carrying refuse to the Area shall carry such refuse, either by covering it or in some other suitable manner, so that such refuse shall not blow or fall off the vehicle.

11.  Recycled Materials. When materials are brought to the Area in a condition in which they may be recycled, they shall be placed in the appropriate areas designated for such materials.

12.  Invalidity. If any provision of this ordinance or its application to any person is held invalid, such invalidity shall not affect any other provision or application of the same.


Date: October 13, 1988

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