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4-10 An ordinance to waive interest on property tax due for any Stafford real property owners whose spouse is on active duty in Iraq and who further, is serving in the Middle East

Pursuant to the provisions of Public Act 05-3 (section 9) of the June 2005 Special Session.


a)      Any person who is domiciled with and the spouse of a member of the armed services of the United States or of any state or of any reserve component there of, who has been called to active service in the armed forces of the United States for military operation that are authorized by the President of the United States that entail military action in Iraq and who is serving in the Middle East on the final day that payment of such property tax or installment or part there of is due shall not be charged any interest for period of one year on any property tax or installment or part there of that is payable for real property assessed on the Stafford 2003 Grand List.


b)      The Stafford Tax Collector is authorized to require written proof of the above described status in order to implement the above described waiver of interest.



Approved at Town Meeting 12-20-05

Published 12-24-05

Effective January 10, 2006



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