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7-10 Fire Prevention and Protection Fee Ordinance

7-10                 Fire Prevention and Protection Fee Ordinance


Fee schedule for inspections of buildings used for public service, manufacturing and occupancies regulated by the Connecticut Fire Safety Code.


(a)    Pursuant to the provisions of C.G.S. 29-305 mandating annual inspections by the fire marshal of all buildings and facilities of public service all buildings and facilities used for manufacturing, and all occupancies regulated by the Connecticut Fire Safety Code, the following fee schedule is established. 

RE: Inspection Fees


ANNUAL INSPECTION CERTIFICATES:  Seventy five dollars ($75.00)


1)                  Gasoline Service Stations /  Convenience stores

2)                  Liquor permit renewals or application for one

3)                  Hazardous Materials Inspection / Cargo Tank Vehicles

4)                  Health Care facilities- Hospitals, nursing homes, residential care homes

5)                  Assembly Halls " over 50 people

6)                  Day Care facilities

7)                  Dry Cleaners- cleaning operations

8)                  Educational- public schools are not charged

9)                  Group Homes

10)              Business and Clinics

11)              Bed and Breakfasts


TEMPORARY PERMITS / LATE FEES: Twenty five dollars ($25.00)



1)                  Fireworks Tents

2)                  Carnival & Circus

3)                  Tents that need to be inspected (craft shows, etc.)


Late fee to be charged after thirty (30) day past inspection date at $25.00 per month


Open Burning Permits: Fifiteen dollars ($15.00)


1)                  Brush burning-residential lots

2)                  Fines-burning without permit-One hundred and Fifty dollars ($150.00)

3)                  Wood Stove/Pellet Stove-Insurance Inspection-Fifteen dollars ($15.00)

4)                  Wood Burning Furance-Thirty Five dollars ($35.00)


Blasting Permits and Magazine Inspection: Twenty Dollars ($20.00)

Fire Marshal Review of Plans-for additions and new buildings ($20.00 for the first 4000 sq. ft plus $7.00 per thousand sq ft additional.

Apartment Inspection-Rooming House ($10.00) per unit/Apartment($15.00) per unit.


All Checks payable to: “ TOWN OF STAFFORD” for exact amount.


Adopted: 3-20-07

Effective: 4-9-07

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