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Town of Stafford Ordinances

Section 1 - Position Appointments / Town Commissions and Boards

1-1 Adoption of the Board of Finance
1-2 Appointment of Alternate Members to Board of Finance
1-4 Planning and Zoning (Alternate Members)
1-5 Filling of Vacancies on the Planning and Zoning Commission
1-6 Establish a Commission of the Arts
1-7 Creating an Economic Development Commission
1-8 Create Stafford Inland Wetlands Commission
1-9 Resolution to Authorize the Housing Authority of Town
1-10 Establish a Recreation Commission
1-11 Amendment to Recreation Commission Ordinance
1-12 Resolution Creating a Town Conservation Commission
1-13 Expanding Town Conservation Commission
1-14 Municipal Flood and Erosion Control Board
1-15 Hyde Park Trustee
1-16 Stafford Community and Civic Affairs Commission
1-17 Registrar of Voters - Term of Office
1-18 Number of Justices of the Peace
1-19 Legal Action between Town Boards and Commissions
1-20 Emergency Services Commission
1-21 Appointed Assessor Ordinance
1-22 Establishing an Aquifer Protection Agency
1-24 Creating a Veterans Advisory Committee
1-25 Stafford Agriculture Commission
1-26 Stafford Historic Advisory Commission
1-27 Ordinance to Establish an American Rescue Plan Act Commission

Section 2 - Planning and Zoning / Building

2-1 Planning and Zoning Ordinance
2-1a Amendment: Planning and Zoning Ordinance
Section 2-2 Adopting the State Building Code
2-3 Prohibiting Building on Unaccepted Streets/Highways
Section 2-4 Withholding of a building permit for property on which property taxes or sewer fees are delinquent
2-5 Ordinance for Driveways

Section 3 - Elections / Elected Officials

3-1 Electors Right to Vote for Full Number of Assessors and the Board of Tax Review
3-2 Salary in Lieu of Fees for the Town Clerk
3-3 Election of School Board Members

Section 4 - Taxes and Tax Exemption

4-1 Tax Exemption for Solar Installations
4-2 Amendment: Tax Exemption for Solar Installations
4-3 Veterans Exemption
4-4 Additional Exemptions for Surviving Spouse of Veterans
4-5 Tax Exemption for Handicapped Equipped Vehicles
4-6 Tax Exempt Ordinance
4-7 Ordinance providing tax abatement for volunteer firefighters and ambulance personnel
4-8 An ordinance providing a property tax exemption for certain farm buildings.
4-9 Tax Abatement for Canine Search & Rescue Volunteers
4-10 An ordinance to waive interest on property tax due for any Stafford real property owners whose spouse is on active duty in Iraq and who further, is serving in the Middle East
4-11 Ordinance for Tax exemptions for certain organizations

Section 5 - Roads / Highways

5-1 Water Discharge Upon Town Highway
5-2 Surface Treatment of New Streets
5-3 Scenic Roads

Section 6 - Parking

6-1 Parking Ordinance
6-2 Hearing procedure for Parking Violations

Section 7 - Public Safety / Health

7-1 Loitering
7-2 Public Drinking
7-3 Blight ordinance
7-4 Regulating Snow/Ice Removal from Sidewalks and Fire Hydrants
7-5 Public Nudity
7-6 An Ordinance Establishing a Curfew
7-7 An Ordinance for the Protection of Property from Fire
7-8 Regulating Use of Town Property
7-9 An Ordinance concerning Municipal Liability for Ice and Snow on Public Sidewalks.
7-10 Fire Prevention and Protection Fee Ordinance

Section 8 - Boating / Beach Use

8-1 Regulations for Staffordville Lake
8-2 Staffordville Beach
8-3 Amendment to Ordinance for Staffordville Beach
8-4 Regulating Boating on Crystal Lake
8-5 Regulating Boating on New City Pond

Section 9 - Water Pollution Control / Sanitary Landfill

9-1 Create A Water Pollution Control Authority
9-4 Stafford Sanitary Landfill
9-5 Stafford Recycling
9-6 Disposal of Solid Waste Associated With Land and Building Lots

Section 10 - Parks

10-1 An Ordinance Concerning Town Parks and Recreational Facilities

Section 11 - Miscellaneous and Historical

11-1 Validating the Acts of a Special Town Meeting in the Town of Stafford
11-2 Adopting Roberts Rule of Order
11-3 Consolidation of Stafford and the Borough
11-4 An Act Regarding the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
11-5 Bidding and Purchasing Policy Ordinance
11-6 An Ordinance establishing a Regional Council of Governments
11-7 Ordinance regarding Political Signs
11-9 Ordinance: Setting Hours of Voting at Referendum
11-10 Right - To - Farm - Ordinance

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