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Town of Stafford Resident Troopers Office

General Information  
Contacts: Lieutenant Thomas Duncan - Police Officer- Full-Time
TPR Michael Buck - State Trooper
TPR Matthew Hogan - State Trooper
Sgt. Frank Prochaska - Police Officer- Full-Time
Sgt. James Desso - Police Officer- Full-Time
Sgt. James Kodzis - Police Officer-Full time
Officer Patrick Mulcahy - Police Officer- Part-Time
Officer Kevin Slater - Police Officer- Part-Time
Location: 2 Main Street
Stafford Springs, CT 06076
(Old Train Station)
Phone: (860) 684-3777
Fax: (860) 684-4437

Resident Troopers Office Happenings and Information
Educational Drug Prevention Program Started
Phone Scams-Dont be a victim
How to Prevent Burglaries
Stafford working together to prevent DRUG ABUSE
Safe Walking-Rules of the Road
So how much is the fine for passing a school bus?
Gun Safety Program
Home Safety Tips
Engrave It & Save It Program
Identity Theft
Online Safety Tips
Pool and Playground Safety
Recreational Vehicle and Towing Safety
Seatbelt Safety
Safety Tips for Senior Citizens
Travel Tips for the Motoring Public
Safe Winter Driving Tips from LT. Duncan
Suspicious Fires in Stafford and Somers
Crime Tips Hotline
Tips for Preventing Burglaries
Fatigued Driving
Distracted Drivers
Drunk Driving
Stafford Resident Troopers office is reaching out to the public for help in identifying a burglar.
Telephone Scams
Burlaries Solved
Teen Driver Training Program

Warren Memorial Town Hall • 1 Main Street • Primary Department Hours: M-W: 8-4:30, Th: 8-6:30 • First Selectman Open Door: Fri: 8:30-Noon

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