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Stafford has it all – beautiful natural landscapes, rich heritage, small town charm and unique cultural assets – but it’s our residents that are our greatest asset. There’s a lot to celebrate in this community and the “Stafford Shining Star” program recognizes the extraordinary accomplishments, generosity and contributions of citizens, local businesses, organizations and clubs. This is our chance to say “thank you” to those who perpetuate civic pride, contribute to the development of our community, have realized notable achievements or make Stafford a better place to live.
Stafford Shining Stars

Other Shining Stars:

Paradiso Insurance

Paradiso Insurance

Paradiso Insurance
Shining Stars

Paradiso Insurance

From friendly favors to a united front of caring businesses, Stafford is a special place where people know their neighbors and look after one another. There are countless examples of committed groups and citizens working to support and improve this great town, and each serves as a powerful thread of this tightly-knit community. Woven firmly into this fabric is Chris Paradiso and his team of community-minded professionals at Paradiso Financial and Insurance Services.

Established in 1998, this hometown agency is rooted in taking care of the community, a devotion that far exceeds the protection of their customer’s most valuable assets. The team at Paradiso takes being local to heart, an inherent passion that drives this authentic business. With an extensive devotion to family, shopping small and local, nonprofit advocacy, Veteran support, and giving back to the community in any way you can (among others), this hometown agency is branded by service.

On Flag day - July 14 - Paradiso Insurance leads the local charge to recognize the importance of our Nation’s stars and stripes. Determined to “paint the town red, white and blue,” the team pays tribute to Old Glory with an annual Flag Day Barbeque and Event in Downtown Stafford. The special celebration includes a flag flying ceremony, free food, classic cars, live music, fun games, giveaways, visits from First Responders, and collaborations with regional nonprofits. Fun and festive - you bet - but their ultimate mission is to give away 100% American-made flags, complimentary mounting kits, collect retired flags for a proper disposal ceremony, and distribute patriotic shirts. With an open invite to clients, friends and community members of all ages, the agency swells with gratitude for the freedoms and privileges the American flag represents.

The involvement of Chris and his team is extensive, with philanthropic initiatives like, the “Bikes for Reading Program” designed to reward hardworking Stafford Elementary with brand new bikes, “Send Love to Our Military” that mails letters and drawings to our brave men and women overseas, “Reverse Trick or Treat” for Connecticut Children's Medical Center, and as community ambassadors of “The Kindness Revolution.” Paradiso is also known for supporting Journey Found, Connecticut Children’s Foundation, Hockanum Valley Community Council, Stafford’s Spring Easter Egg Hunt, shopping local campaigns, Veteran’s organizations, First Responders, homelessness charities, countless community events, and so much more.

The Paradiso team is one of altruistic service and their culture of giving is contagious. Their collective passion unites those working toward common causes, invigorates community-consciousness and propagates the power of giving back. Compassion is the cornerstone of this business and giving back has become a staple at Paradiso Insurance, thank you for making the local community a point-of-pride for your business - you’re a true shining star in Stafford!

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