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Town of Stafford Scheduling Building Inspections


Inspections are scheduled in advance by calling the office at 860-684-1775 and while every effort is made to accommodate requests, same-day requests are usually difficult. Please plan appropriately so that the project is not held up waiting for inspections.

Required Inspections:

a.       Footing and/or pier inspection:  when the excavation has been completed and the forms are in place, but BEFORE concrete is poured.

b.      Foundation inspection:  is done before it is back-filled when the foundation coating and insulation (if required) is in place.

c.       Underground plumbing before covering and water test

d.      Temporary electric box, if needed

e.      Masonry fire

f.       Roofing

g.      Siding

h.      Rough inspection:  including framing, electrical, plumbing and HVAC are to be inspected before the insulation is in place.

i.       Insulation inspection:  is done prior to the placement of wall, ceiling and floor finishes.

j.       Electrical panel

k.      Final inspection:  is done when the work is complete and prior to occupancy.


Warren Memorial Town Hall • 1 Main Street • Primary Department Hours: M-W: 8-4:30, Th: 8-6:30

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