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Curbside service is available to seniors and disabled Stafford residents.

Bus Transportation - Currently the Town offers at least one out-of-town shopping trip per month to a location that offers access to groceries and other items. Examples of trips include the Aldis/Ocean State Job Lot Plaza in Enfield, CT or an area Walmart.  The driver/attendant is able to assist with putting groceries on and off the bus as well.

Medical car transportation is available for appointments Monday through Thursday all day, and Friday from 8:00 to 2:00.  The driver/attendant will pick up the client at their private residence and transport them to their medical appointments.  After the appointment, the client is returned home.  If the client requires a prescription, we can sometimes fit in a pharmacy stop before returning the client home.  Check with the driver; if her schedule permits, it can be done.  The driver travels to doctors, hospitals, and clinics in Somers, Enfield, Stafford, Willington, Tolland, Vernon, Willimantic, Rockville, Manchester, and South Windsor. We recommend that as soon as the client is aware of their appointment, they call the office at (860) 684-7752 to book their ride.  If the time is already booked with another client, we can suggest another time that may be available.  

Many of our clients enjoy these services because they are no longer able to drive.  Others enjoy maintaining their independence by not having to rely on children or relatives for rides to the store.  Often times, clients are not comfortable driving in winter weather, but need to get their weekly errands done. This is a free service for Stafford seniors and disabled persons.

Interested parties should call 684-7752 for additional information and to schedule your ride.