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Town of Stafford Emergency Management

General Information  
Contacts: Mary Mitta - First Selectman
James Desso - Emergency Management Director
Joseph Comarella - Deputy Emergency Management Director
Frank Falcone - Deputy Emergency Management Director
Location: Stafford Resident Troopers Office
and Selectman Office
Stafford Springs, CT 06076
Phone: (860) 684-1777 & (860) 684-1778 (Selectman Office)
Phone: (860) 247-8920 (EMD Director)
Fax: (860) 684-4437
Emails: staffordtownhall@staffordct.org (Mary Mitta)
emddesso@staffordct.org (James Desso)

Emergency Management Happenings and Information
Frequently Asked Questions
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Mission Statement

The Town of Stafford continues to maintain and enhance its role in the field of Emergency Management. The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is responsible for coordinating all preparedness, response, mitigation, and recovery activities necessary to minimize and control the effects of disaster, both natural and technological, as well as the effects of terrorist attacks. Natural disasters (i.e. hurricane, blizzard, ice storm), hazardous material releases and mass casualty incidents are all possible threats for Stafford.

Functions of the Office of Emergency Management

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) develops and maintains emergency operations plans. These plans enable the Town to respond quickly and effectively to an actual incident through training drills, site visits and exercises.

Emergency Management coordinates resources and agencies during large scale natural and man made emergencies, manages the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), relocates disaster victims, manages the town’s shelters, reviews and keeps on file specific high-hazard facility emergency plans, writes and submits emergency management grants, is responsible for the Town’s Emergency Operation plan and training and exercising that plan.

Emergency Management is also directly responsible for coordinating resources and emergency operations between local, state, and federal emergency management and homeland security agencies. The Towns Emergency Management Director is the Point of Contact between the Town, the state Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (DEMHS) and the federal Department of Homeland Security.

Additional contact Information:

First Selectman Office:
   Phone: (860) 684-1777
   Fax: (860) 684-1785
   Email: staffordtownhall@staffordct.org

Stafford Police/ Resident Troopers Office:
   Phone: (860) 684-3777
   Fax: (860) 684-4437

Department of Public Works Office:
   Phone: (860) 684-1792
   Fax: (860) 684-1785

Stafford Fire Department #1:
   Phone: (860) 684-3612

West Stafford Fire Department:
   Phone: (860) 684-3695

Stafford Ambulance Association:
   Phone: (860) 684-5364

Johnson Memorial Medical Center:
   Phone: (860) 684-4251

Stafford CERT

Mission Statement

The Town of Stafford Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is comprised of volunteer citizens, who are trained in basic life safety and emergency preparedness skills. The program is community based in order to provide rapid and safe care for our residents and to provide support to the Town’s emergency personnel in the event of a major incident or large scale disaster.

The team has and will continue further training in order to provide residents and first responders with the most effective support. It will also focus on public education in order to increase the emergency preparedness of all residents in our community.

Stafford CERT Team works under the direction of the Emergency Management Director or designee. The team, when activated, will specialize in services such as:

  • Emergency Sheltering
  • Emergency Center Operations
  • Search & Rescue
  • Point of Distribution Support (POD)
  • Assist with Traffic Control and Road Closures
  • Transportation of Essential Personnel
  • Support Emergency Services as Needed
  • Damage Assessment
  • Educational Outreach to the Community
  • Other functions as the Emergency Management Director designates
Any resident looking to join our community CERT or looking for CERT assistance for an event may contact James Desso, Emergency Management Director at emddesso@staffordct.org

Warren Memorial Town Hall • 1 Main Street • Primary Department Hours: M-W: 8-4:30, Th: 8-6:30

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