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Emergency Services Commission

Emergency Services Commission

William Morrison – West Stafford Fire Dept.
Dan Carr-Stafford Fire Dept  #1
Alex Moore-Stafford Ambulance Association
Mark Morrison
Richard F. Hartenstein Jr
Mary Mitta
Beth A. DaDalt
EMD James Desso

Joseph Lorenzetti - West Stafford Fire Dept
Nathan Cast-Stafford Fire Dept #1
Brandon Moore - Stafford Ambulance Association
Matthew McKenney
Deputy EMD Joe Commarella
Todd J. Ostrowski
Mark Cramer

Emergency Services Commission
Charge / Mission

The Town of Stafford has been lucky to have dedicated volunteers to serve our EMS needs for decades. The time has come to review consolidation with a mix of town-paid and volunteer staff.

The charge of the Emergency Services Commission would be to review the Advanced Life Support program (ALS) and make recommendations regarding the existing Association standing alone or consolidating under the EMS umbrella with staff trained as Fire Fighters, EMTs and Paramedics or contracting outside ALS services. 

In addition, the commission would make recommendations regarding the existing fire departments standing alone or consolidating under the EMS umbrella. West Stafford Fire Department and Stafford Fire Department #1 could consolidate into a single fire department and be renamed Town of Stafford Fire Department or stand alone as two departments with one Chief. The geography of the town warrants continuing to utilize the existing three (3) stations. 

The commission should review reports created by CRCOG (Capital Region Council of Governments) and other towns that merged emergency services and use those as guidelines for possibly consolidating Stafford’s two departments (& Ambulance if applicable).