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Travel Tips for the Motoring Public


This brochure is designed by the Connecticut State Police to assist motorists who travel the roadways. When traveling, motorists should take steps to protect themselves and their vehicles. To reduce the risk of personal injury and theft, the Connecticut State Police offers the following tips:


  • The best way to avoid problems is to try to prevent them from happening. Make sure you:
  • Have mechanical check-ups at your local service station or automobile dealer on a regular basis
  • Regularly check all fluids (oil, transmission, brake, etc)
  • Regularly check windshield wipers and fluid
  • Keep fuel at least half full
  • Regularly check condition and air of all tires and spare
  • Tell a friend or family member what route you are taking and when you expect to arrive
  • Regularly check all lights (signals, brake and head lights)


  • You are the most vulnerable getting into or out of your vehicle. Have your keys in your hands as you approach your vehicle
  • Check the passenger compartment before getting into the vehicle, even if you left the vehicle locked.
  • Lock all doors and roll up windows when driving
  • Never pick up hitchhikers
  • Always park in a central, well-lit area where attendants are on duty
  • If someone is loitering near your vehicle, do not go near it
  • Seek help or wait until the person leaves


  • Stay calm and stay out of travel lanes
  • Park as far off the traveled portion of the roadway as possible (if possible, right side)
  • Make your vehicle visible. Turn on your emergency
  • 4-way flashers
  • Exit the vehicle (only if necessary) away from traffic.
  • Open the vehicle's hood and leave it open.
  • Tie a light-colored cloth to the antenna or door handle
  • If possible, stay with the vehicle until uniformed law-enforcement arrives, especially at night or during bad weather. Ask for identification
  • Place "Send Help" sign in a window so it is visible to other motorists
  • If someone stops to help, keep your doors locked. Crack a window, asking the person to call law-enforcement for help
  • If you decide you must walk, write down your name, the date and the time you left, where you are going and when you plan to return
  • If you decide you must accept a ride with another motorist, write down the following:
    • The direction you are going
    • The plate number of the vehicle you are riding in
    • Description of the vehicle
    • Name and description of the person you are riding with
    • Notify law-enforcement of the location and circumstances in which you left your vehicle


  • Carjacking is a crime that is on the increase on our roadways. This may occur at gunpoint and may involve a physical assault. To avoid being a carjacking victim:
  • Always be alert as to what is going on around you. Regularly check your mirrors and scan ahead for potentially dangerous situations
  • Before getting into your vehicle, have your keys out and enter your vehicle quickly.
  • Lock all doors and keep windows rolled up
  • Conceal all valuables. Keep them under the seat or locked in the trunk
  • When you are stopped at a red light or stop sign, leave room to maneuver around the vehicle in front of you (in case you need an escape path).
  • Use interstates or main roads when traveling through cities
  • Plan a route to avoid dangerous areas. If you need to travel in unfamiliar areas, don't travel alone.
  • If you are followed into your driveway, remain in your vehicle until you can identify the other driver. If you need to, use your cell phone to call for assistance or sound the horn in short, steady blasts to get the attention of others.


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