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Engrave It & Save It Program

Property Identification and Protection Program
The Stafford Resident Troopers Office has a  citizen's burglary prevention/property identification program for use in homes and businesses. This program requires a small amount of time and effort on your part. It involves marking and then inventorying your property. Marking denies the would-be thief a market for stolen items. Valuables marked conspicuously with your driver's license number or your name and address will not be readily resalable. This program works even when your property is recovered and lets you identify it so it can be returned to you.

What property should be engraved?
EngraverAll items that might be attractive to a thief, such as radios, televisions, camera equipment, stereos, small appliances, tools, and sports equipment, should be marked.

Small or very valuable items such as jewelry or antiques can be either engraved by a jeweler or photographed for identification purposes.

What to mark and how?
The engraver will mark steel, plastic, glass, wood, or any hard surface. It requires no special skills. Just use it as you would a pen or pencil. Do not press down on the engraver; allow the engraver to etch smooth, even lines. Do not engrave on removable parts such as doors, lids, plates, etc. Pick a place close to the object's serial number.

For hard objects such as bicycles, radios, stereos, televisions, tape recorders, cameras, watches, sporting goods, appliances, use an engraving tool to mark your identification on a conspicuous, permanent part of the item. Metal or plastic parts are best for making a smooth, legible mark.

For unmarkable items such as jewelry, musical instruments, antiques, etc., place the object against a plain background and take several color slides from different angles. Include a ruler in the picture for scale. Label slides and deep them with your Property Inventory Form.

For soft or porous objects such as leather, fiberboard, cloth, use a contrasting magic marker.

Where should I make the engraving?
Property should be marked with an identifying number, such as your Connecticut  Driver's License or Identification Number , as a means of discouraging burglary and theft. This number also helps law enforcement agencies identify your property should it be lost or stolen.

You can also use you name and address to mark the property.  Do not use you social security number.

When engraving, hold the tool straight up and down. The engraving tool can be adjusted for surface differences. Practice using the engraving tool before you mark your property. 

Where do I get an engraver?
To mark your property, contact the Stafford Resident Troopers Office  at 684-3777 to borrow an engraver . It's important to return the engraver within the loan agreement time so others can use it.

You can also purchase an inexpensive engraving tool at hardware, department or variety stores.

How do I keep an inventory of the engraved items?
Make a list of the engraved items including the make, model, size, color, and serial number, as applicable. Also, record the exact spots where you have engraved the items.

You should keep this record at home as a reference and for additions. Also, keep a copy in a secure place such as a safety deposit box where it can later be referred to if necessary.

The purpose of this record is to facilitate the inventory you will perform of your property. It is a record of the necessary information you will need to give to the police when and if you are victimized.

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