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Bear Sightings in Stafford: awareness and reporting information

Bear Sightings in Stafford: awareness and reporting information


There have been several Black Bear sightings around Town. The Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (CT DEEP) has a link on their website where residents can report sightings. If the bear is not being destructive or showing dangerous behavior, it's best to let them be as they are most likely just passing through. 

Sightings that have been reported to Stafford Animal Control include Pine Road, Handel Road, Stafford Street, Furnace Ave, and Levinthal Run. 

Report a bear sighting: DEEP Black Bear Information

Anything concerning, such as aggressive or destructive behavior, should be reported to DEEP at 860-424-3011 for non-emergencies or 860-424-3333 for emergencies. You can also report to Stafford Animal Control at 860-684-2382 or email

All residents should take time to make themselves “Bear Aware” and learn about best practices to both reduce the likelihood of an encounter with a bear and know what to do in the event of an encounter.  

The Basics of Living with Black Bears

CT DEEP Bear Wide at Home Checklist