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Volunteers Needed: Stafford Events & Celebrations Committee

Volunteers Needed: Stafford Events & Celebrations Committee

The Town of Stafford is seeking volunteers to serve on this new committee:

Stafford Events & Celebrations Committee

There shall be an Events & Celebrations Committee to remain in existence until dissolved by the Board of Selectmen. This committee will be comprised of creative, responsible, and hands-on volunteers wanting to build upon the Town of Stafford’s signature events and grow new opportunities for community gatherings. The goal of this committee is to coordinate meaningful events and celebrations which benefit residents and businesses of Stafford while generating positive publicity, tourism, and community engagement opportunities. This committee will work in conjunction with the Grants & Community Relations Department. Committee members’ responsibilities include conceptualizing, managing, planning, logistics, and marketing events sponsored by the Town of Stafford.

Each January, the Town Events Committee shall come before the Board of Selectmen to present a budget with a list of events they would like to hold that fiscal year (July 1st – June 30th). The committee shall not expend any funds that have not been appropriated to them.

The events committee shall consist of 11 members to be appointed by the Board of Selectmen. Five (5) members shall be appointed for an initial term of three (3) years and six (6) members shall be appointed for an initial term of four (4) years. Following the expiration of the initial terms, all members will be appointed for 5 years. The Board of Selectmen shall choose the chairman who will work as a liaison between the committee and First Selectman or his/her designee.

The Events Committee shall follow all recommended safety protocols for events as deemed necessary by the State and/or local police department. The committee shall schedule any use of town property for events through the First Selectman’s Office and shall work with the Town’s Grants & Community Relations Department to complete branding and marketing initiatives. 

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