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Emergency Response Services

Emergency Response Services

This is an information page for Emergency Services within the Town of Stafford. If this is an emergency, call 9-1-1 for emergencies.

The Town of Stafford is protected by two Fire Districts, the Stafford Fire Department #1 (9 Colburn Road) serving District 1 and the West Stafford Fire Department (144 West Stafford Road), serving District 2. Each operate from these respective stations as well as a cooperative satellite facility in tandem with the Stafford Ambulance Association, located downtown at 27 Willington Avenue. Response areas range from urban to rural, with an industrial and retail components. The Districts are also home to Johnson Memorial Hospital, Evergreen Health Care Facility, Water Pollution Control facility, multi-story mills, as well as several schools, churches, large seasonal camping and recreation facilities, and the Stafford Motor Speedway.

Stafford's Fire Departments are 100% volunteer organizations and funded is generated by local land and personal property taxes. The Departments provide fire suppression, rescue, EMS, and public fire education services while marinating a fleet of vehicles, apparatuses, a marine unit, and UTVs. The Departments participate in the Tolland County Mutual Aid system with written mutual aid agreements for emergency service to and from sixteen towns encompassing twenty-four emergency service organizations within Tolland, Windham, and Hartford counties. The Departments are first due in many of these communities with apparatus, manpower, and rapid intervention teams. 

The Stafford Ambulance Association provides 9-1-1 Emergency Medical Care and non-emergency medical transport services to Stafford residents, operating from from the cooperative facility on Willington Avenue. Ambulance Services transports patients to hospitals, medical centers, and health care facilities in Stafford, including transfers between medical facilities. You may contact Ambulance Services for questions about Stafford Ambulance Services, emergency transportation in Tolland County, insurance coverage and billing, and Stafford Ambulance Service jobs and employment.

Stafford Fire Department #1
Station 145
9 Colburn Road
Stafford Springs, CT 06076
(860) 684-3612

West Stafford Fire Department
144 W Stafford Road
Stafford Springs, CT 06076
(860) 684-3695

Stafford Ambulance Association
27 Willington Avenue
Stafford Springs, CT 06076
(860) 818-5812