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Staffordville Beach

Staffordville Beach

Staffordville Reservoir - locally referred to as Staffordville Lake - is located along Route 19 on the Connecticut-Massachusetts border in the northeast section of town. The 149-acre waterbody is a combination of public/private ownership with the Town's public beach at the lake's southern end. A popular recreation amenity, the park parcel is open daily to residents from dawn to dusk. A paved lot provides approximately 75-parking spaces. An adjacent pavilion, playground, and picnic areas are available for public use. 

Lifeguard Hours:
Monday - Friday
Saturday - Sunday
8:00am - 6:00pm
10:00am - 6:00pm

Staffordville Lake Pavilion & Beach The rules for usage are as follows:

  • The Beach is open daily to Stafford Residents and Stafford taxpayers from dawn to dusk.
  • During the Summer weeks the Summer Recreation program runs for 6 weeks, from 8:30am – 3:00pm. During this time, residents are able to use the public portion of the beach but are asked to refrain from entering the youth program area or interacting with its youth campers.
  • Open fires are not allowed (charcoal grills, etc.) Gas grills are allowed outside the pavilion area. Absolutely no grills of any kind are allowed under the pavilion, on the picnic tables or on the beach.
  • Alcohol is NOT allowed under any circumstances. The Police will be notified.
  • Glass containers are prohibited (broken glass in a beach area with bare feet is a hazard).
  • If a lifeguard is on duty, they are in charge of the area; the rules must be followed to protect the safety of everyone at the lake. No exceptions!
  • No one under the age of 13 is permitted to swim without the accompaniment of an adult; children must be supervised at all times. On duty lifeguards are tasked with safety and rescue, not babysitting.
  • For safety, Coast Guard approved PFDs or small children's inflatable flotation devices only. Swimmers may not bring flotation devices in deep waters or where waters exceed swimmers height. There is no public launch at the Town Beach.
  • No fishing from the the beach
  • And any other rules that are posted at the Lake or those enforced by lifeguard staff.

NO Open fires
Boat launching
Excessive noise
Recyclables in the trash
DO NOT Dive off of cement walls
Push anyone on rafts
Swim under rafts
Hang on buoys
Run or rough-house
Throw objects

The Staffordville Beach pavilion is available for rent/reservation: Pavilion Rental Form