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Summer Recreation Camp Program

Summer Recreation Camp Program

    Stafford Summer     
    Recreation Camp Program    
Weekdays from July 1 - August 9, 2024
at Staffordville Beach Recreation Area

Dive into a summer of fun and learning at Stafford Summer Recreation Day Camp! Nestled by the picturesque Staffordville Lake, our camp offers a vibrant mix of activities designed to spark creativity, foster friendship, and encourage exploration. From July 1st to August 9th, children ages 6 to 12 will enjoy a diverse lineup of activities, including swimming, arts and crafts, fun and games, special guests, theme days, and much more, all under the guidance of our enthusiastic staff. Our program is tailored to provide a safe, inclusive, and engaging environment where every camper can discover new interests, develop valuable skills, and build lasting memories. Join us for an unforgettable summer adventure!

    For Perspective Staff    

Stafford Summer Recreation Camp is on the lookout for enthusiastic, dedicated individuals to join our team for the upcoming summer season! As a camp staff member, you'll play a crucial role in making our campers' summer dreams a reality. Whether you're leading a group in an exciting outdoor activity, helping campers unleash their creativity in arts and crafts, or simply being a positive role model and mentor, your energy and passion will inspire those around you. From planning and implementing engaging programs to ensuring the safety and well-being of all campers, your dedication and commitment will be the cornerstone of our camp's success.

Positions Available:
Summer Recreation Camp Coordinator
Summer Recreation Camp Assistant Coordinator
Summer Recreation Camp Counselor

Aquatics Coordinator
Lifeguard, Lifeguard/Water Safety Instructor
Gate Attendant

Town of Stafford Employment Application 
Camp Position Descriptions

Season Dates:
July 1 - August 9, Weekdays at Staffordville Lake (per-season training required)

Why Join Us?
  • Experience and Skill Development: Working at a summer day camp can provide valuable experience in leadership, teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution. These are transferable skills that can be useful in any career path.Opportunity to develop leadership and teamwork skills
  • Creative Outlet: Camp activities often involve creativity and imagination. Planning and leading these activities can provide a creative outlet and allow you to explore your interests and talents.
  • Fun and dynamic outdoor work environment: Enjoy the benefits of fresh air and sunshine while working!
  • Competitive pay
  • Building Relationships: You have the opportunity to build strong relationships with campers, fellow staff members, and supervisors. These connections can lead to lasting friendships and professional networking opportunities.
  • Fun and Adventure: Working at a Summer Rec Camp can be a lot of fun! You’ll have the chance to participate in exciting activities, be outdoors, and create lasting memories with your fellow staff members and campers.
  • Free training
Apply Now!

Visit for more details and to fill out an application.
Come be a part of something amazing this summer. We can't wait to welcome you to our team!

    For Camper Families    
The six-week program serves children entering 1st  grade to youth entering 8th grade, operating weekdays 8:30am to 2:45pm from July 1, 2024 – August 9, 2024, at the Staffordville Beach & Rec Area (21 Lyons Road). The Camp’s mission is to provide a safe, affordable, and engaging summer program for elementary-age children in the community with activities that promote creative play, cooperation, physical fitness, leadership, water safety, and summer fun. A typical day consists of several planned activity periods with classic camp offerings like fun & games, sports, swimming, arts & crafts, gardening, fishing, theme days, scavenger hunts, special events, guests, and more. The day’s activity options are also presented with weekly themes to help kids explore, discover, and grow. Free transportation options are available from multiple locations throughout town (schedule currently being finalized) Breakfast and lunch are provided, free of charge, through the Summer Food Service Program.

Summer Recreation Camp Program Information:

Location: Staffordville Beach & Recreation Area, 21 Lyons Road
Dates: Weekdays, Monday, July 1 – Friday, August 9, 2024 (closed July 4)
Time: 8:30 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.

Morning arrival is between 8:30am – 9:00am, where campers are greeted at check-in by counselors. Junior counselors oversee the lunch tally/choices during this time, campers then proceed to breakfast and the morning rally where they separate into squads based based on age/grade. These squads are designed to facilitate organization and offer activities suitable for varying levels of maturity and ability. Each counselor will oversee their respective squad during these designated times, such as during lunch lines, dismissal, or camp-wide activities. Outside of these scheduled events, campers choose self-selected activities, such as fishing club or gardening, and may interact with campers outside of their squad. Counselors are present at every activity spot to ensure appropriate behavior and discipline. 

Daily Schedule
  • Arrival, breakfast, morning rally
  • Morning Program 1
    9:30am - 10:15
  • Morning Program 2
    10:20am - 11:15am
  • Lunch
    11:30am - 12:00pm
  • Free Swim
  • Afternoon Program 1 & Free Swim
    12:00pm - 12:45pm
  • Afternoon Program 2
    12:50pm - 1:45pm
  • End of Day Cleanup & Departure

The day concludes with cleanup and pickup/transportation departure beginning at 1:45pm.  The camp maintains a 1:10 staff-to-students ratio on land and water. The facility/program falls under the purview of the current Local Emergency Operations Plan approved by the State of Connecticut.

Red Cross Certified Swim Lessons:
Families may opt-in for Red Cross Certified Swim Lessons, registration is an additional $50 fee. Children are NOT required to attend the Summer Recreation Program to register for swim lessons. All Swim lessons operate in half-hour increments from 9:00am – 11:00am. 2024 session dates TBA.

Activities & Sample Schedule:

Week 1: Welcome Week
– A focus on fun, being safe, learning schedules and routines, and living the Camp Pledge. The focus is team building, positive reinforcements, and assurance campers have safe fun.

Week 2: Plant a Seed & Cast Line – a focus on outdoor recreation and hobbies while delving into horticulture and agriculture, which are distinctions of Stafford social fabric. From foraging to fishing, orienteering, and planting, activities are design to strengthen food connections and understanding of commodities produced in our backyards. 

Week 3: Run, Jump & Meditate – focused on the health of body and mind. Through athletics, trivia, bubble meditation, superhero pose yoga, create your own relay race (and more), this week offers a little bit for everyone and gets campers thinking about what it means to be healthy.

Week 4: The World of Imagination – cultivating camper creativity and confidence through a variety of mediums and imaginative play such as “Build a City” activity utilizing upcycled materials, tie-dye, lemonade sip and paint, sidewalk chalk competition, print making, and scrapbooking, and an camp art show concluding the week.

Week 5: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math – dedicated to promoting camper curiosity of all things S.T.E.M. with eggs drop challenge, sand volcanos, slime making, and community volunteer led presentations.

Week 6: Summer Fun – spirit days, water sports, lunch of the beach, capture the flag, and classic summer fun to create summer memories and close out the camp season.

Each week, Campers choose from a variety of programming options, generally rooted in timeless camp-themed activities. Athletics, fun and games, swimming, arts & crafts, theme days, and humanities-centered activities are a mainstay. The program provides both structured and free play. With self-selected activities, children connect with age-mate peers with similar interests. Group experiences are also facilitated to promote conversations with new friends and grow social-emotional learning opportunities.

Bus Schedule:
The bus transportation option is offered to guarantee safe, convenient, and reliable access to camp:

Bus #1
Historical Society Museum (5 Spring Street) & along driveways East Street & Route 19
Morning Departure - 8:20 am
Afternoon Return - 2:15pm

Bus #2:
West Stafford School (153 W Stafford Rd)                                                             
Morning Departure - 8:45am
Afternoon Return - 2:50pm

Registration Forms & Events:
2024 registration forms will be available in June and in-person signup events begin in early June. In the meantime, if you have specific questions related to the program, please email

Camp Fees
The camp fees reflect the entire 6-week camp session:         

  • $400, Recreation Camp Fee                                                 
  • $200, Additional Sibling                                                                    
  • $100, Campership Eligible
  • $50, Red Cross Certified Swim Lessons, per session
Campership Eligible: households/child receiving TANF or SNAP benefits, Medicaid eligible, meets Income Eligibility Guidelines (IEGs) to qualify for Free and Reduced-Price Meals, under a foster arrangement, or homeless/runaway youth.
Forms of Payment Accepted:
Check, Cash, Debit/CC

Visit to register for these notifications. Program information and updates will also be posted at Email with specific program inquiries.

The 2024 Summer Recreation Camp is funded in part by a set-aside allocation from the Town’s Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funding. Long-term financial and program planning is currently underway, with consideration of a new Town Commission to help oversee operations and fundraising initiatives to ensure annual sustainability.  

About the Staffordville Recreation Area

The Camp takes places at the former Staffordville Elementary School, a 3.47-acre municipal-owned parcel on Staffordville Lake. The lakefront recreation area is equipped with a pavilion, multipurpose game courts, field space, playscape, beach, natural areas, and school building facility. Inside the former school building, the program utilizes gym facilities, office space, lavatories, and commercial kitchen for meals, under the Summer Food Service Program and prepared by the Stafford Public Schools Food Services Department. All meals for participants are free and eaten under the pavilion at designated times. General hygiene/handwashing precedes lunchtime. Families can also opt to bring a cold lunch if they choose. Meal, snack, and water times are also the opportunity for group discussion and table manners, exemplified by staff.