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Election & Voter Information

Election & Voter Information

Voter Registration Form

You may use this form to:

  1. Register to vote in Connecticut
  2. Change your name and/or address on current registration
  3. Enroll in a political party or change party enrollment (changing parties may result in losing rights in all parties for three months)
Instructions are on the form:

Voter Registration Form

Town of Stafford Absentee Ballots

Absentee Ballots are available through the Town Clerk's office for those Electors meeting one of the following requirements:

  • Active service in the Armed Forces of the United States
  • Absence from Town during all voting hours
  • Sickness
  • Religious Tenets
  • Serving as a voting official at a different polling station
  • Physical Disability
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2022No documents

20212 documents

  • 11-02-Election Results
  • 11-02-Warning of Municipal Election

20202 documents

  • 11-03-Legal Notice
  • 11-03-Sample Ballot Nov 3, 2020

20192 documents

  • 11-05-Election Results
  • 11-05-Warning of Municipal Election

20189 documents

  • 07-31-Primary Enrollment Session
  • 08-14-Notice of Democratic Party Primary
  • 08-14-Notice of Republican Party Primary
  • 08-14-Results of Democratic Party Primary
  • 08-14-Results of Republican Party Primary
  • 10-30-ROV Notice
  • 11-06-Special and State Election Sample Ballot Nov 6 2018
  • 11-06-Warning of Judge of Probate Special Election
  • 11-06-Warning of State Election

20174 documents

  • 08-29-ROV Public Notice
  • 10-31-ROV Press Release
  • 11-07-Legal Notice
  • 11-10-2017 Municipal Election Results

20166 documents

  • 04-19-Voting Machine Test
  • 04-26-Notice of Presidential Preference Primary
  • 04-26-Results of Democratic Presidential Preference Primary
  • 04-26-Results of Republican Presidential Preference Primary
  • 11-08- Legal Notice
  • 11-08-Sample Ballot

20153 documents

  • 09-08-ROV Press Release
  • 11-03-Legal Notice
  • 11-03-Municipal Election Results

20145 documents

  • 08-12-Legal
  • 08-12-Rep Primary Results
  • 11-04-Legal Notice
  • Nov. 4, 2014 Sample Ballot
  • Proposed Amendment Nov 4, 2014

20135 documents

  • 11-05-Legal Notice
  • 11-21-Notice
  • 12-03-Notice
  • 12-05-Notice
  • 12-10-Notice

2012No documents

2011No documents

2010No documents