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Town Clerk

Town Clerk

General Information

Contacts: Karen G. Troiano CCTC - Town Clerk & Registrar of Vital Statistics
Ialeen M. Dunn CCTC - Assistant Town Clerk & Assistant Registrar of Vital Statistics
Doreen D. Moulton CCTC - Assistant Town Clerk & Assistant Registrar of Vital Statistics
Location: Warren Memorial Town Hall - First Floor
1 Main Street
Stafford Springs, CT 06076
Address: PO Box 11
Stafford Springs, CT 06076
Phone: (860) 684-1765
Fax: (860) 684-1795
Emails: (Town Clerk Karen G. Troiano)
Hours: Monday - Wednesday:
8:00am - 4:30pm
8:00am - 6:30pm


*Marriage license by appointment.
*A land record vault access appointment is recommended for a search.  

The Town Clerk accepts cash, check or money order.
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Town Clerk Happenings and Information

Register Your Dog/ New Dog By Mail
Please use the attached form to register your new dog by mail. Your proof of rabies, proof of spay/neuter, tags and license will be returned to you via mail.

Dog Renewal Form.pdf
Voter Registration Form
You may use this form to:

  1. Register to vote in Connecticut
  2. Change your name and/or address on your current registration
  3. Enroll in a political party or change party enrollment (changing parties may result in losing rights in all parties for 3 months)
Instructions are on the form:
Voter Registration Form
Board of Education Contracts
Board of Education Contracts: State of Connecticut legislation requires that the Board of Education administrator contracts be posted on the Town's website.  The legislation states, "Any local board of education shall file forthwith a signed copy of any contract for administrative personnel with the Town Clerk, which Town Clerk shall post a copy of any such contract on the Town's internet website."

To view all Board of Education contracts, please click the link below: 
Justice of the Peace List  (Term January 4, 2021-January 6, 2025)
Absentee Ballot Application
Absentee Ballots are available through the Town Clerk's office for those Electors meeting one of the following requirements:

  • Active service in the United States Armed Forces
  • Absence from Town during all voting hours
  • Sickness
  • Religious Tenets
  • Serving as a voting official at a different polling station
  • Physical Disability
Persons distributing 5 or more absentee ballot applications to electors must register with the Town Clerk.  Persons distributing 5 or more absentee ballot applications must keep a list of those voters names and addresses and file it with the Town Clerk before the election, primary, or referendum.
Name Change for Land Records
Name Change for Land Records

Any person owning real estate within the Town of Stafford whose name has been changed due to marriage, divorce, adoption, etc., shall, within sixty days of the change, file with the Town Clerk a Certificate of Name Change stating the name before and after such change.

Recording Fee      $60.00
Military Veteran's Discharge Registration (DD214)
Veterans discharge records (DD214) may be filed at no charge in the Town Clerk's Office.
A resident who wishes to claim an exemption from local property tax for service during war time,  may apply to the Assessor's office for an exemption. The original DD214's are filmed and filed in the Town Clerk's Office.

Any town resident who served in the military during a non-war period may wish to file their discharge records with the Town Clerk's Office for safekeeping.

To obtain a signed copy of lost military records, Click Here.

Downloadable Forms