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E-Notification Citizen Registration

E-Notification Citizen Registration

Based on your preferences, sign up for any of the following mailing lists to receive associated content and notifications.

The Town of Stafford has created several email distribution lists to inform residents of Town-related alerts, information, and activities.  A description of each email list is available below, followed by email/text registration options, and then check boxes to subscribe to your desired email list.

All users will have the ability to customize their notification preferences after signing up. Alerts can be sent via email or text, so you never miss important communication about an emergency event or Town news item.

Stafford Alerts
Receive emergency alerts and critical information that could directly impact you and your family, such as severe weather warnings, significant traffic/transportation issues, weather closings/temporary changes to operating hours, ongoing police or fire activity, or prolonged community impacts, such as a waterline break.  

Town News
Receive municipal information and news: updates from Town offices and departments, legal and bid notices, election information, construction/delay notices, important due dates, municipal events, community/civic notifications, and similar content.

Employment Opportunities
Receive notifications for job postings and employment opportunities through the Town of Stafford and Board of Education.   

Summer Camp Recreation Camp
This list has been created as a communication mechanism for families participating in the Stafford Summer Recreation Camp Program. Reminders, program alerts, and special dates (like registration opportunities) will be directly communicated with subscribers.