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Flag Pole Committee

Flag Pole Committee

John Barry
Amy R. Hartenstein
Richard F. Hartenstein Jr
Christopher Paradiso
Nancy Ravetto
Robert Titus
Johnathon Whetton

Mission Statement

The Committee shall consist of 7 electors who shall serve without compensation until the East Main Street Flagpole is installed. The committee shall then disband and cease to exist. The Board of Selectmen reserve the right to add more electors if needed.

The flag pole that was there for decades until it fell down a few years ago. The committee shall be responsible for fund raising for the cost of the new pole and any other costs associated with getting the new pole installed. The Board of Selectmen shall appoint a chairman to oversee the committee who will keep the Board of Selectmen informed on fundraising efforts and expenditures. The First Selectman  shall be authorized to approve the expenditures for this project. The committee chairman may seek volunteers to assist them as needed. 

All funds raised will be turned over to the Town of Stafford Finance Department which shall be held in an account for the purpose of purchasing and installing the new Flag Pole. Any funds unspent at the end of the project shall be used for maintenance and replacement of the American Flag and POW Flag for that location until the funds are fully expended.

Approved by the Board of Selectmen 5-4-2022