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Stafford Boards & Commissions

Stafford Boards & Commissions

The strength of our town government is enhanced by the hard work and dedication of the numerous volunteers serving on various Boards and Commissions. These individuals play a pivotal role in shaping the policies, decisions, and initiatives that impact our community every day. Service on these boards and commissions stands as one of the primary ways through which citizens can actively participate in the conduct of local government.

The Town of Stafford has a strong commitment to citizen participation as evidenced by the number of citizen boards and commissions; some are required by the State of Connecticut and others are created by the Board of Selectman. These boards and commissions exercise a variety of advisory, administrative, and quasi-judicial functions that are essential to the operation of town government. These bodies compose a formal system through which citizens can advise and influence on issues affecting the Town.

Current Board & Commission Vaccines
Your willingness to contribute your time and expertise is invaluable, and it reflects the spirit of community engagement that makes Stafford a vibrant and thriving place to live. The following are vacancies on boards, commissions and committees:
    Board/Commission Current Vacancy
    Arts Commission    3 Vacancies
    Cemetery Association 4 vacancies
    Conservation Commission 2 regular vacancy and 3 alternate positions
    Economic Development Commission 1 vacancy
    Emergency Services Commission  2 alternate vacancies
    Historic Advisory Commission 1 regular vacancies, 2 alternate vacancies
    Inland Wetlands  2 alternate vacancies
    Planning & Zoning Alternate 3 alternate vacancies
    Recreation Commission  3 vacancies
    Service District Commission   2 vacancies

Term lengths, specific objectives, and membership requirements for boards and commissions are outlined in the Town Ordinances. These ordinances serve as a comprehensive guide, providing the necessary details that define the structure and functions of each board and commission within our community. This information is available on the Town Ordinances page: Section 1 - Position Appointments Town Commissions & Boards

All board and commission meetings are open to the public; schedules are posted on the Town Meeting Calendar.
Specific board information: in the lefthand menu, select a specific board or commission to learn more about respective functions. 

Take Action to Serve

All appointments to town boards and commissions are made during the Board of Selectmen's monthly meetings. Applications are welcomed at any time throughout the year, and you can express your interest by completing the Application of Interest (PDF) form. Even if the board or commission you're interested in currently does not have a vacancy, rest assured that your application will be considered for future opportunities that may arise over the year (your application will be kept on file in the Office of the First Selectmen). Your commitment to serving our community is appreciated, and we look forward to the possibility of working together to enhance the well-being of Stafford. 


If you are no longer able to serve as a member of a board/commission of the Town of Stafford, simply complete, sign, and return your resignation to the Stafford Town Clerk. You may return your resignation to the Town Clerk, by mail, in person, or by dropping it in the town hall drop box.
Stafford Board Resignation Form