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Stafford Brownfields Advisory Board

Stafford Brownfields Advisory Board

Board Members
Sean P. Beaudry
Kathy Geryk
Beth Magura
Todd Ostrowski
Amber Wakley
Aaron Eberhard

Establishment/Mission Statement
To encourage participation in identifying and assessing potentially contaminated properties within the Town of Stafford with the greatest potential for revitalization and redevelopment.

The Stafford Brownfield Advisory Board will consist of residents, town property owners, business owners or those employed in the Town of Stafford. Members represent varied backgrounds in the fields of business, real estate development, environmental services, historic preservation, community development and beyond. An advisory role, providing information and recommendations to staff, stakeholders, and community on areas including: 

  • Assist in establishing needs, prioritizing sites, communicate progress and recommend sites for the Stafford Brownfields Initiative.
  • Review and recommend ways to encourage public interest and participation on the identification, rehabilitation and redevelopment of Brownfield sites.
  • Provides guidance and make recommendations in areas such as future land use, development proposals, community safety, and environmental safety as they relate to brownfields.
  • Provide oversight for the program, consultants, and project completion.
  • Permitted and encouraged to have joint meetings with applicable advisory boards relating to redevelopment of brownfields areas.
  • Share project information, collect feedback describe next steps, and facilitate public meetings related to the Stafford Brownfields Initiative.
  • Assist in guiding and setting policy for the Stafford’s Brownfields Redevelopment Initiative.  
Visit the Stafford Brownfields Initiative page for program details and priority site information.